bernard dirks

Connecting the 1865 Ben with the 1870 Bernard

I think I have found Bernard Dirks in the 1865 Illinois State Census. “Think” is the operative word. The handwriting looks like “Ben Henricks” and could easily be Ben Hinrichs or a similar name. However, Bernard Dirks is in Honey Creek Township in 1860 and in 1870. While it’s possible he moved from Honey Creek […]


How Long Should I Look for Bernard Dirks in 1855?

There are times when it is worth considering how much time a specific task is worth and whether it is simply time to research elsewhere. That’s where I am with the location of Bernard Dirks in the 1855 Illinois State Census. What’s “known” about Bernard around the time period of 1855 census: Bernard Dirks (or […]

This Is Not the Adams County, Illinois, Bernard Dirks

The hints at should be used as hints and not as facts. Matching names do not mean matching people. Sometimes it is relatively easy to see that a “match” is not really a “match.” The image in this post  is one that suggests for my Bernard Dirks. My Bernard Dirks is in the United States […]