There was some time when I believed that William C. Rhodes (born in 1831 and lived […]
We are excited to offer new and updated sessions of these two popular presentations. If you […]
Widow’s pension applications are full of statements by neighbors, associates, and relatives testifying to the marriage […]
Readers know that I hate genealogy “games.” I think most of them are time wasters and […]
FamilySearch has had the Bureau of Land Management Tract Books (titled: United States, Bureau of Land […]
There is something gratifying about finding your ancestor’s name in a record, particularly one that is […]
Even seemingly meaningless clippings like this reference to a broken hip can be useful. This item […]
It is not fancy, but it is functional. I find it easier to make initial drawings […]
At first it appears confusing. One of my AncestryDNA matches shows us as sharing 20 cM […]
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