Christianna (DeMoss) Rampley was born in the later 1770s, probably in what is now Harford County, […]
I’ve made some slight revisions to the email I sent to my DNA matches on  AncestryDNA. […]
Those of us with rural ancestors don’t have regular, annual directories like those often used by […]
Clark Sargent (born 1806 in Vermont to Samuel and Sarah (Gibson) Sargent) was not the only […]
The location of places whose names may be less than official can sometimes be difficult. In […]
I suppose admitting mistakes is bad genealogical form for someone who writes and speaks on genealogy, […]
George Adolph Trautvetter was born in 1869 in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois, and died in […]
DNA test kits for on AncestryDNA have been mailed off for two of my in-laws. The tests are […]
I’m starting to think that Ancestry DNA’s “circles” are going in circles. On 30 August I […]
I have always been a fan of “brute force” genealogical when it comes to locating information […]
The “classified” section of a newspaper can contain a variety of items. This one is a […]
Fannie (Rampley) Neill was born in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois, in 1883 and died in […]
Response to the AncestryDNA webinars has been overwhelming. As a result, we are: offering another live […]
John DeMoss was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, in the 1710s and died in Harford County, […]
Lillie’s tombstone in the New Loraine Cemetery, Loraine, Adams County, Illinois, indicates that she was born […]
Shared DNA matches can be confusing if one does not stop and think. Another descendant of […]
I’m contacting my AncestryDNA matches Here’s what I ended up saying: You and I are DNA matches […]
Hinrich was born in Wiesens, Ostfriesland, Germany, in 1823. He died in Elvaston, Hancock County, Illinois, […]
I originally had the AncestryDNA test performed in an attempt to learn something about my Irish […]
We have released the recording of my latest webinar: “Working with Your AncestryDNA Matches.” We focused […]
Ida (Trautvetter) Neill was born in Wythe Township, Hancock County, Illinois, in 1910 and died near […]
In “Details the Estate Settlement Does Not Care About,” we saw an 1871 era estate document […]
Introductions matter. The microfilmer of the St. Joseph County, Michigan, Deed Index (Volume 1) indicated that […]
I’m working on my speaking and seminar schedule for 2018 and beyond. If your group sponsors […]
Thomas Chaney was born in Maryland in the 1780s and died in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in […]
Genealogists rely upon records often created by courts and lawyers for specific legal purposes. The 19th […]
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