A little review of the Ancestry.com’s “U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Church Records, 1781-1969” in light […]
Sometimes one wonders about Ancestry.com and the proofreaders they have in their database department. The “browse this […]
If finding relatives is not enough, AncestryDNA now allows for an additional “analysis” of your DNA test results. […]
Ancestry.com recently updated their “U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Church Records, 1781-1969” and have given […]
It’s great to discover that uncles of an ancestor have served in 19th century US military […]
Maybe it’s time we had a “Genealogical Budget Standard.” After all, we have a “Genealogical Proof […]
This is the signature portion of a mortgage executed by three of my ancestors on 15 […]
Census records that only list heads of household are one of those records that people sometimes […]
I realized I wrote about “statements” before (“Statements, Genealogical Statements, and Definitions“). The reason I feel that there […]
AncestryDNA has slightly modified what users see when they view their DNA matches. The amount of shared […]
In Ancestry.com‘s “Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011,” the Social Security numbers have been “removed” from the images […]
We’ve converted my AncestryDNA class into a series of presentations–no “online attendance.” Download and view at […]
I struggle with terms and definitions. In this blog post, I muse on “statements.” This is […]
I’ve written about this trunk before and have actually had it for over ten years. It’s […]
While working on something totally unrelated, I realized that I did not have the 1880 agricultural […]
We’re excited to offer this new session on 6 November 2018! Check out the details on […]
Homestead records can contain many clues. Like most records, the “best clues” are often the ones […]
An earlier post (“Aunt Caty Warned Out of Addison in 1814“) mentioned a “warning out” a […]
In February of 1814, Caty Roe was “warned out of Addison, Vermont, and told to “Depart […]
Sometimes there simply are no contemporary records of an event. A researcher can cry, whine, beg […]
Sometimes it is difficult balancing genealogical research theory with the way in which some materials are […]
I took this cemetery photograph several years ago at the Norwood Cemetery in Mercer County, Illinois […]
Note: this post is originally from 2015, but we’ve moved it here and combined two posts […]
We’re excited to offer this new session on 13 November 2018! Check out the details on […]
On page 24 Elizabeth Shown Mills in  Evidence Explained (2015, Genealogical Publishing Company) defines the following terms: original sources as […]
The newspaper said the picture was not of a “kewpie doll,” but instead was a four […]
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