I’m still working on the concept of “Ancestry Pools” to help me sift through and analyze […]
They are my 7th great-grandparents. They are my 7th great-grandparents. They are my 6th great-grandparents. They […]
The Gibson genealogy indicated that John Gibson who was born in Stow, Massachusetts in 1751 died after 10 […]
For me they are out there–double and triple cousins. Some people have to go back to […]
Haste makes waste. A search on GoogleBooks for Samuel and Sarah (Gibson) Sargent brought up the […]
This document comes from the guardianship of Mary Brown in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The mother and […]
I maintain the following genealogy blogs: Rootdig.com—Michael’s thoughts, research problems, suggestions, and whatever else crosses his […]
It can be difficult in pre-1850 United States census records to know to whom reference is […]
  When things are in flux it can be difficult to keep track of everything. That’s […]
FamilySearch recently updated “Iowa, Old Age Assistance Records, 1934-1946” recently. FamilySearch allows for searches “with a life […]
This is the tombstone of John C. and Anne E. D. Rampley is located in the […]
City directories can tell researchers several things, usually related to name, residence, occupation and proximity of […]
FamilySearch recently updated “Iowa, Old Age Assistance Records, 1934-1946.” The database does not indicate the counties that […]
I’m trying to locate information on a “Harm Habbus” who apparently was in Clayton Township, Adams […]
I’m down to five circles at  AncestryDNA, I have been removed from 9 since my last posting […]
Ancestry.com‘s database, “Missouri, Death Records, 1850-1931,” contains a “Physican’s Certificate of Death” for Wilhelmina Rothweiler who […]
We mention newspapers here quite a bit. It’s not because they are perfect sources (they aren’t) […]
References to relatives can easily appear in newspapers a distance from their home. This 1932 reference […]
An excellent way to improve skills and test any method of organization or analysis is to […]
A search of the Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1879-1903 turned up two cards for […]
There’s a cousin match on AncestryDNA that I am trying to figure out. I think he’s probably […]
Keeping track of things that have already been located in newspaper search results can be a […]
This is an image of one of the documents in the Cash Entry Land File for […]
Used books are a genealogist’s delight.  This book has been on my radar for some time […]
There’s no family Bible and there’s no birth certificate for James William Rampley who was born […]
It’s only one test. While the submitter and I are both third great-grandsons of Clark and […]
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