A great way to build your research skills is to research other families besides your own. […]
For several years, quite a few years ago, I wrote a how-to newsletter, Casefile Clues. It contained […]
At long last, More Genealogy Tip of the Day, packed with genealogy tips and ideas from […]
We’ve released the recording and handout for my new presentation on the full-text searching of local […]
My mother has approximately 12 years of daily calendar entries in various day planners and other […]
On 12 March, we’ll have a webinar on the new full-text search currently being tested at […]
Genealogists who follow the Genealogy Proof Standard are told to conduct a reasonably exhaustive search. How […]
FamilySearch recently announced the full-text search of various local records–particularly probate court and land records at […]
Note: The 4th edition of Evidence Explained has just been released by Genealogical Publishing Company. We’ll […]
I posted this to one of my Facebook pages and decided it said what I wanted […]
If you encourage a family member to take a genealogy DNA test, do you warn them […]
There’s a meme that floats around that purports to show your grandparents waiting to see “Star […]
Apparently Conrad Haase had an “original Paper” copy of his naturalization in his hands when he […]
The recording is now available for my citation webinar–download is immediate. More details are on our announcement […]
“Made Your Own Map?” appeared recently as a tip of Genealogy Tip of the Day with […]
There’s a practical limit to how far into the network of the non-biologically connected people to […]
It’s really not all that unique of a document. It’s simply a mortgage for $2500 signed […]
I’ve been writing about tombstone pictures on Genealogy Tip of the Day. As time has gone […]
I’ll be giving a webinar on genealogy citation on 28 January–attend live or pre-order a recorded […]
I have my Mother’s original “baby book” from her birth in 1942. The handwriting certainly appears […]
My genealogy motivation: to preserve and share the family history items I have been fortunate enough […]
I posted this picture to Genealogy Tip of the Day as a reminder to look at […]
Ancestry.com refers to Anna Fecht as the step-daughter of my second great-grandaunt. That seems slightly incorrect […]
I’m not retiring from genealogy. But do you track when your ancestor retired from their regular […]
For a variety of reasons, my posts here have withered away to few and far between […]
(this appeared in the Ancestry Daily News in 2000 and I thought it worth repeating for those who […]
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