I’ve never been a big believer in setting New Year’s goals, objectives, resolutions, etc. I’m also not […]
Records of War of 1812 Bounty Land Warrants can be a genealogical gold mine. The document […]
There’s more to going to the Family History Library in Salt Lake than simply arriving at […]
Rescheduled for Tuesday, 5 January 2015, 1 pm central “Writing Proof Summaries and Making Your Case” Those […]
Ancestry.com has a database on their site titled “Tennessee Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895.” The years covered for […]
My maternal great-grandparents, while all born in the United States, are all of Ostfriesian extraction. For […]
Due to numerous requests, we are offering a new section of this course. The structure will […]
I’m not always a big fan of using genealogical software because I don’t think it is […]
The problem with reading is that it makes one think.The problem with thinking is that it […]
For those who prefer to get things on their Kindle, we have Kindle versions of these […]
You don’t have to buy anything on Ebay to get genealogical use out of it. However using […]
As always, if you have ordered one of these and have not received it, please email […]
Reports of various state boards can contain unexpected genealogical information. Many of them have been digitized and […]
Happy Holidays from the staff of 1 here at Rootdig. Yours truly is holding a stuffed animal […]
Geography matters. Reading matters. Ancestry.com announced an update of their yearbook collection. As usual it is difficult […]
[This followup is posted due to the number of behind the scenes email I have received […]
We’ve released the following webinars–if you registered originally and didn’t receive links, please let me know. […]
I’ve made some discoveries of genealogically-related material on Ebay. I have yet to actually find an artifact […]
Genealogy is not a video game where the action figures are already dead. You can quote […]
While prepping for my “Researching Female Ancestors” webinar, I came across references to a book I […]
Newspapers will provide information never mentioned in a death certificate. Of course that doesn’t mean the […]
Members of the far-flung Trautvetter/Troutfetter family have been known to make many things. Coins are one […]
  Digital images made from photographs are great, but the challenge when making them at a […]
By request, we’ve added this to our list of December webinars. This one is certain to […]
Publishing an image that one did not create can result in a potential copyright problem. The creator […]
We are excited to offer four webinars this week. These sessions will be recorded for download […]
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