Month: July 2020

Voter’s Registrations

I’ll admit it. Voter’s registrations are one of those records that I don’t use too often–not nearly as often as I should. Having looked at some late 19th century ones online recently for Chicago, Illinois; California; and New Mexico, some things stood out. They can provide the age of the registrant, their nativity (probably only […]


NEHGS and Absolute Certainty

According to an email I received from NEHGS (New England Historic Genealogical Society) today, they will let you know “with absolute certainty” if a lineage is correct. They will not check your entire tree for the $500 fee, but they will check one line of descent. Many genealogical conclusions, particularly ones involving individuals born before […]


ThruLines Does Part of the Work

It is important to constantly remember when using AncestryDNA’s ThruLines that it only does part of the work and that “work” is partially based on user-submitted trees. Those are trees over which you have no control. I’m not going to even dip my toe into a discussion of the programming that probably takes place to […]