I’ll be passing through Lincoln, Nebraska, on the way home from Salt Lake City later this […]
There’s been much gnashing of genealogical teeth over the use of GedMatch to develop a list […]
It doesn’t take long for a genealogist with immigrant ancestors to realize that families do not […]
Ancestry.com has updated “U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002.” Ancestry.com indicates that the source of this data […]
There are several reasons why deeds don’t often tell genealogists as much as we would like, […]
How I wish the 1910 census had been microfilmed in color. If so, these abbreviations might […]
I am thinking out loud here. I’m typing up my ahnentafel chart for presentation on my […]
A collection at the Nebraska State Historical Society contains over one hundred letters written to a […]
Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills is off the presses and ready […]
Ancestry.com has “New York, Sing Sing Prison Admission Registers, 1865-1939” as  “recently added database.” It is […]
Riley is sitting on my lap as I review some recent discoveries. His advice is related […]
For those who find the daily updates too much, a weekly blog update is available. An […]
The problem was simple–“My ancestors were married in Kentucky in 1820 and I have no idea […]
ArchiveGrid searches materials inventoried and cataloged in special collections across the United States. It is a […]
  If you have one of the tests done–despite which one you do, time spent waiting […]
I’ve written about this before, but sometimes I am still amazed that livestock pedigrees as far […]
It’s apparently in progress, but for now it is just a big tease. There is a […]
I’m still not certain what was meant by “not of this country” in an 1830 legal […]
Years ago I obtained the will of a relative in Chicago from 1947. All I got […]
Legal notices that appear in newspapers can be a great genealogical source. They can make researchers […]
In 1902 Philip Troutfetter was arrested in Boston, Massachusetts, after having been on the run for […]
It never really dawned on me until just now. Just how literate was your ancestor? The […]
Part of the 1763 will of Joseph Daby from Middlesex County, Massachusetts, reads “…was my Sons […]
One never knows what will be in “free text” records until one actual reads them. The […]
The Bedford County, Pennsylvania tax lists on FamilySearch are wonderfully extant. This lists includes original records that […]
Personal and property tax records are one of those documents that usually have to be analyzed […]
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