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[note: this article originally appeared in the Daily News  on 8 August 2004. In the interest of […]
Probate inventories and accountings should always be mined for clues as to other records and research […]
Researching when one is tired and distracted is never a good idea. It also makes it […]
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I’d been looking for the elusive Tamme Focken Tammen for quite some time. Born in 1856 […]
Sometimes one just simply cannot afford to obtain a copy of every record that might contain […]
FamilySearch recently updated their 1905 “Iowa State Census, 1905” and it got me to wondering how […]
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Some United States Civil War pension files are chock full of medical reports. Many times these […]
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Books and journals are full of “finished” research articles with laid-out evidence and analysis that clearly makes […]
County biographies and obituaries are places where the political persuasion of an ancestor can sometimes be […]
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Pedigree charts. Years ago genealogists compiled them on a regular basis, usually with nary a source. […]
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This originally ran in the Ancestry Daily News on 1 January 2006. The ideas are still good and […]
In part III of this series we saw that George A. Trautvetter was not the only […]
People do not live in vacuums.  George A. Trautvetter was not the only man who deserted […]
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Statements made in military pension applications and apparently desertion charge appeals needed witnesses testifying to the […]
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On 18 August 1920, the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution was passed, giving women […]
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