The researcher has gotten back to me with her results of my search requests in the […]
If you think your ancestor homesteaded in the United States and completed their application process, an […]
We are offering the following webinars in October of 2018: Getting More from FamilySearch Organizing Online […]
I installed the “We’re Related” app from on my new phone just to see how it had […]
One of the nice things about the land patent search at the Bureau of Land Management […]
When Eliza Ramsey could not be located in the database of homestead files for Nebraska at, […]
My correspondent told me that Eliza Ramsey obtained a homestead in Saunders County, Nebraska, in 1875. […]
It’s still about the apples for Mary Rice in late 18th century Massachusetts. That’s fortunate because […]
We’ve set the dates for my annual research trip to Salt Lake City, Utah’s Family History […]
  The records that I needed for Clinton County, Illinois, are not accessible online and making […]
We’ve released our 2018 version of “Tightwad Genealogy.”  If you ordered and did not receive download […]
It could be said that it feels sometimes like AncestryDNA keeps quite a bit of our […]
If your relative applies for something based upon a certain act of Congress, do you look […]
I was reminded of the importance of searching the Bureau of Land Management website for 19th […]
The obituary of my great-grandmother’s sister indicated that she died in a Keokuk, Iowa, hospital in […]
In “Picking Low Hanging Fruit on GedMatch Part I” a potential discovery was made on the […]
In “Label Your AncestryDNA Matches” we discussed the Google Chrome extension that Blaine Bettinger has created […]
Recording released–order for immediate download. This presentation discusses a variety of ways that researchers can make […]
It’s not just students that you may find in yearbooks in‘s “U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-1990.” There […]
Blaine Bettinger has created an extension for Chrome allows you to use up to eight colors […]‘s “U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-1990” was recently updated. The yearbooks are indexed, but effective use is […] is slow to move on some things when it moves at all. tags records […]
The 1788 deed from Jonathan and Jamime Puffer and Matthias  and Mary Rice to Luke Brooks for […]
I submitted my father-in-law’s DNA test data to GedMatch ( It’s going to be a while […]
AncestryDNA updated my “Ethnicity Estimate” today. As usual, I’m taking this with a huge shaker of salt […]
On 1 July 1788 Jonathan and Jamime Puffer, along with Matthias Rice and Mary Rice, deeded […]
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