’s record entry for the 1852 Hamilton County, Ohio, marriage record of Valentine Hess and Fanny Fehleisen […]
It is possible to “view image from FamilySearch,” (quoting from the “record” for this individual entry). […]
Two reasons I use GedMatch: I can see all the GedMatch submissions that match any submitted […]
He was fined $500 in 1906, but the St. Louis judge said he should have been […]
I almost missed the 1903 reference to the marriage of Will Troutfetter and Anna Merriman in […]
AncestryDNA Class Lecture Downloads We’ve converted my online AncestryDNA class into a self-contained series of lectures […]
One of the search terms on the Bureau of Land Management site is the “Authority” under […]
The 1852 Congressional act, “An Act to make Land Warrants assignable, and for other Purposes,” (Thirty-Second […]
  At some point, my Mother would let my daughters “help” her with the mashed potatoes […]
There is more information in here about vital records in the United States than most genealogists […]
“Working from the known to the unknown” is advice often given to beginning genealogists. The premise […]
Working with the DNA of the relatives the researcher “knows all about” can increase their analytical […]
There were 283 digital images that I received from the Mexican War Pension file of Gardner […]
Excitement about discoveries should never cause us to forget what we know and to put aside […]
This is the first time I have ever found a relative’s photograph in an archival collection […]
Early registration for my webinar on “Problem-Solving with DNAPainter and GedMatch” ends on 20 November 2018. […]
I’ve been working on DNA matches at AncestryDNA in an attempt to make discoveries and validate connections […]
Sometimes I use the “Suggested Records” at because sometimes some of them are helpful. And […]
I can’t decide if I like the ads for AncestryDNA with Kelly Ripa or not. My DNA […]
Based upon suggestions from readers, we’ve put together this session on DNAPainter and GedMatch combined on […]
I don’t think Joseph Sargeant entertained his cattle in the 21st century sense, but that is […]
It’s a derivative copy of a derivative copy of Gardner Ramsey’s death certificate. Classification of sources […]
  DNA analysis is more complicated when there are multiple relationships with your DNA matches and […]
Rolf Habben was an uncle of my great-great-grandfather Johann Ufkes. Rolf Habben was also a brother-in-law […]
For years the main indexes genealogists used were census indexes. We were glad to have them. […]
This session will focuses on the free aspects of DNA Painter at We will discuss […]
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