[I posted this short piece to my Facebook wall and decided to share it here as […]
The records of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) as digitized on Ancestry.com have been mentioned before. The digital […]
Nothing lasts forever, even a tombstone. While personally visiting a cemetery, having a local person take […]
There is still time to join me on my 2017 research trips. For more details, check […]
There’s two reasons why I nearly overlooked this 1755 marriage for Timothy Gibson in Stow, Massachusetts: […]
The vast majority of times land deeds contain pretty much dry, mundane details: who is selling […]
The brief summary of Ephraim Puffer from the 1915 genealogy of the descendants of George Puffer […]
  Do genealogy “brick walls” actually exist? Some say they do and others say they don’t. […]
  [This ran in the Ancestry Daily News in 2002–we’re rerunning it since it’s always a […]
Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings! I posted this image to Genealogy Tip of the Day, but thought […]
A reader asked about the dots that appeared after the two names in the image used […]
Add this to the list of spelling variants that I had never thought of: Sonis for […]
Ancestry.com recently indicated that their 1905 Iowa state census database is “updated.” It is difficult to […]
These references in the “Suggested Records” for a passenger list for Panagiotis Verikios are confusing and […]
The information on the 1900 census form seems redundant: year of immigration to the United States […]
There’s a reason why solid genealogical conclusions should not rest solely on one printed word in […]
  One can discover a variety of items in the classified and advertising section of newspapers. […]
After researching my maternal Ostfriesen families for thirty years, I’m reasonably familiar with most renderings of […]
Ancestry.com’s “Illinois, County Marriages, 1800-1940” indicates there are five “marriage records” for Riley Rampley and Nancy […]
This is a lesson in what not to do. In the fall of 2015 my great-aunt […]
Charts are always helpful. Between the early 1860s and 1903, nineteen descendants of Jurgen Ehmen Tonjes […]
Things always make more sense when one has more information. I was not really certain which […]
The answer to who the John Gronewold was that contested the 1880-era Dawson County, Nebraska, homestead […]
In 1940 the eighty-seven year old wife of my cousin Willm Ehmen flew from Moline, Illinois, […]
Today’s Genealogy Tip of the Day, “Build Your Skills By Learning More on a Done Family” was necessarily […]
For those who have asked, this is a partial list of genealogical references on my bookshelf. […]
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