Too Many Panagiotises in the Suggestion Pan

panagiotis-verikiosThese references in the “Suggested Records” for a passenger list for Panagiotis Verikios are confusing and potentially helpful. This confusion is why I usually do not use the “Suggested Records” at

The potential for help is also why I wished gave more details on the “Suggested Records.”

I’ve not worked on Panagiotis Verikios in a while and it is possible that one of these hits contains something on him that I have not already discovered (especially since the Panagiotis Verikios in which I’m interested in is known to have made at least one return trip to Greece).  Some of the references are to other known individuals with the same name who may or may not be related to the Panagiotis for whom I am searching ( that person is a man named Panagiotis/Peter Spirios/Samuel Verikios, born 1 January 1883 either in Saunta Maura, Lefkada or “Kato Exanthia” Greece[possibly a reference to just Exanthia], and lived in Chicago, Illinois, from the early 1900s until his death in the 1940s).

This is one time when I would like to know a little more about the “Suggested Records” or be able to mark them as “already seen” so that I’m not left wondering if there is a reference that I have overlooked.

I can’t even be certain when I “go back” to the page showing these suggestions that they are displayed in the same order. And what if there’s a “suggestion” on one of these suggestion pages that appears to be different from one of these?

Here’s what would be helpful:

  • allow me to tag results I have already looked at so that I can see this in the “suggested records”
  • include some small additional detail in the “suggested records” to allow me to determine if any of these are somewhat likely to be the person of actual interest–maybe the year of the manifest or something?



2 thoughts on “Too Many Panagiotises in the Suggestion Pan

    • It is confusing even when a person theoretically knows what they are doing. I created a separate tree on one small branch of a family, just to get a feel for how it works so that I could experiment with it and see if any “leaves” or suggestions were really helpful. It’s more than abundantly clear now why some trees are so riddled with errors.

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