Month: September 2019

The Will of Joseph Daby of Stow, Massachusetts: Part II

Our transcription of Joseph Daby’s will continues with the rest of the bequest to his wife. Again, we’re hoping this process enlightens readers. There’s still quite a bit of this will to go. [transcription continues–starting at red line in image] And to [—] when Sick or Decayed by age and physic under the Direction of […]


Percents and Genealogy

One often sees comments like these made on various blogs, mailing lists, etc. X% of families followed the pattern of naming the first born child after the paternal grandfather. I’ve never found statements like these particularly helpful from a genealogical standpoint. Tendencies like these are clues and clues are sometimes helpful, but they aren’t hard […]


Introduction to the American Courthouse Webinar Released

This session will provide an overview of the records to expect at the typical United States county courthouse–focusing on local vital, court, probate, and property records. It includes: a general overview of the general types of records to expect, use of indexes and finding aids; how to organize your searches and set a search strategy, […]