I’ve been doing a little thinking about the 1950 United States Federal Census which will be […]
This is part of a blog post I wrote nine years ago about Ancestry.com. It’s still […]
We’re still excited about the release of Genealogy Tip of the Day–the book. Repeat tips, time-sensitive […]
Before any analysis of autosomal DNA tests results for genealogical research, it’s suggested that the following […]
Keep in mind that blogs, websites, genealogy “network” sites, etc. are great places to share and […]
This is a follow up to my post, “How Many Samuel Joneses Are in Luzerne County, […]
The recording and handouts for my AncestryDNA 2020 webinar have been released. More details are on […]
ThruLines(tm) at AncestryDNA is automated. I understand that. Can’t it be automated to not include obvious […]
Searching for common names is bad enough, but when there are two individuals of them in […]
There are not always wrong and right answers. Some times there are only suggestions. That’s how […]
I am blessed or cursed with multiple relationships to individuals. In many cases, I’m aware of […]
Shared amounts of autosomal DNA can vary from one relationship to another. One should not assume […]
I’ve updated my speaking schedule to reflect current 2020 events. Email me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com if you […]
This image is from part of the 1880 U. S. Census agricultural schedule for Montebello Township […]
There are lots of little clues in this oath of allegiance for Joseph Sledd which appears […]
I am making my way through the pension file of Emerson Randles of Coshocton County, Ohio. […]
I’ve decided to take another stab at the family of John Gibson (born in Stow, Massachusetts […]
We are now able to accept mail-in orders for the Genealogy Tip of the Day book for those […]
Haste makes waste. A search on GoogleBooks for Samuel and Sarah (Gibson) Sargent brought up the […]
It’s the only signature I have for John Michael Trautvetter: when he gave consent for his […]
As mentioned on Genealogy Tip of the Day, I recently discovered another variant spelling for my […]
I will be presenting a webinar on 19 January 2020 using the new features of AncestryDNA. […]
It would be easy to conclude that these letters are lower-case “t”s with a cross. They […]
This is a page that appears before a microfilmed copy of declarations of intent for Hamilton […]
This originally appeared in the Ancestry Daily News on 2/29/2000 This is a semi-serious look at […]
Writing is an excellent way to refine your research and notice mistakes, omissions, and opportunities. This […]
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