His Own Grandpa and Born 18 Years After his Dad Dies

ThruLines(tm) at AncestryDNA is automated. I understand that.

Can’t it be automated to not include obvious errors? There are two egregious mistakes in this line that it wants me to evaluate:

  • Hinrich Sartorius died in 1912–before Richard Sartorius was born in 1930.
  • Richard Sartorius is listed as his own grandfather.

ThruLines(tm) has made analysis of some of my matches easier in the sense of saving time of going through the trees myself. But this seems to be an error that programming should catch.

Maybe this was a test to see if I would notice the error. Hopefully I passed that test because someone else certainly did not because any programmer who has passed programming 101 should be able to weed out compilations like this.


6 thoughts on “His Own Grandpa and Born 18 Years After his Dad Dies

  1. Carolyn Evans says:

    Mine gives me a great Grandfather who is actually my step great grandfather for my family knows not who this person could be. Was hoping the DNA would help but as of yet no answers.

  2. Ancestry uses other’s trees. If that is what their tree says, that is what ancestry tells you. THIS time I will have to say ancestry is not at fault. And that’s why you look at all of ancestry’s hints as something to research, not something to take as fact.

    • Not all of the data in a lineage in the “big tree” in ThruLines is from the same tree. Sometimes information from more than one tree is used to construct a line of descent.

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