Annie (Murphy) Neill was born about 1840 in Ireland. She married Samuel Neill in New Brunswick, […]
There are many things listed in the mid-19th century inventory for the estate of Peter Bieger […]
This is part of a series of short posts focusing on what I have learned about […]
In 1893, Charles Hartsell filed another application for an increase in his Civil War pension for […]
Reading through medical reports and submissions in a United States Civil War Union pension case can […]’s “Reports of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad, 1835-1974,” usually contains a one page form titled […]
There were three capital cases in the Hancock County, Illinois, court in October of 1858. One […]
Mrs. Luella Barnett drove Mrs. Cecil Neill around the Carthage Lake in September of 1959. That’s […]
Oh My Gott! Grandma always said it when something surprised her and I can just hear […]
“Joe Neal and daughter Jennie and Mrs. Harper and daughter Anna returned home last Friday after […]
We’ve located a version of the ad where George Washington’s thoughts are extant. Too bad I can’t […]
Michael Trautvetter’s livestock cost him an extra $15 in 1886.  Apparently they got off his property […]
There’s several lessons here, not all of which have to do with court records. The first […]
We’re excited to announce the release of the recorded version of  “Avoiding Fake Ancestors.” There is […]
I understand why people want to trace their lineage as far back as they can as […]
She was born Anna Lisa Eriksdotter in Ostergotland, Sweden, in 1829. I was fairly certain she […]
It is easy to see how the the last entry on this census page was transcribed […]
On 19 June 1891, the Illinois General Assembly gave women in Illinois the right to vote–in […]
All of us have gaps in our knowledge, it’s a matter of realizing and admitting that […]
This session has already been held live. Details on ordering the presentation can be found in […]
Records of those involved in World War I include women and well as men, even though […]
“U.S., Army Transport Service, Passenger Lists, 1910-1939” has been on for a while, but after seeing […]
One can never be certain what’s “really new” on, what’s “new,” and what’s “recycled.” Sometimes for […]
I maintain the following blogs: Genealogy Tip of the Day Rootdig Genealogy Search Tip of the […]
There are not many relatives of mine who have their pictures in the newspaper. Gloria Fecht […]
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