Month: February 2020

Finding a Trutwettcevette

A researcher is never finished encountering incorrect transcriptions for a last name. But this one exceeded my expectations: Trutwettcevette for Troutvetter While transcription errors are frustrating, I can usually see how someone read the name incorrectly. I’m not even trying in this case as it’s not worth my time. I’m not even certain how they […]


Setting Goals

No one lives forever and at some point one needs to decide what the “goals” ‘of their genealogy research are. There are no general right or wrong answers. There are just answers for one individual. For me, I’ve decided that I’m not really interested in tracing all the descendants of any of my umpteenth great-grandparents. […]


MyHeritage Colorization of Photos

The genealogy-world is aflutter over MyHeritage’s free photo colorization feature on their website ( Color me not really impressed. Personally I’ve never been one to see the value in the colorization of photographs that were originally black and white. The determination of the actual colors appears to be somewhat based upon guesswork and I struggle […]