A few reminders based upon personal experience and reality about posting something in a blog or any online forum–genealogy-related or not:

  • You do not know who will read your content.
  • You cannot control how people react to that information.
  • You cannot control where or how people respond to what you posted.
  • No one has to ask your permission to have a reaction to what you wrote.
  • Someone may “use” your information without asking. They may or may not give you credit. They may even violate copyright law. How you pursue that violation depends on your time, skill level, financial status, etc.
  • If you are going to get in a snit over how someone reacts to what you posted, do not post it.
  • People may be hurtful, mean, or downright nasty in their response. It may not be fair, it may not be nice, but it happens.

The only person whose reaction you control is your own.

This applies to personal things you post, genealogical information you post. Anything you post.




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