By popular demand, we’re bringing this course back…. Organizing Genealogical Information: A Short Course With Michael John Neill […]
We are gearing up for my 2016 group trip to the Family History Library in Salt […]
Like everyone else, I have ancestors who used more than one name. Sometimes it can be […]
A few quick reminders before searching for someone in any online database or set of digitized […]
While this post is about the ELCA records database on, the issues discussed here could easily […]
[reprinted from old blog site on 20 May 2015–with some additions] I use the online trees […]
Registrations being accepted until 9:30 am central on 12 March. The first full week of March […]
We appreciate those who let others know about Rootdig. Word of mouth marketing is easy on our […]
On 7 March 2016 my great-grandparents would have been married 100 years. That’s not how has […]
Note: I don’t quite have my views on this “ironed out” yet, but thought it was […]
Wills can hint at family squabbles. Researchers need to be careful and not overdramatize the family […]
One finds artwork in the most unusual places. I’m certain this black and white image does […]
The brother of an ancestor got drunk and belligerent with his mother. His brothers were unable […]
My blog update is sent every week and summarizes content posted to all my blogs since the […]
The “view record” page for Harm Fecht on indicates that he is the only individual living in […]
I’m trying to avoid spinning my wheels on my “new” ancestors Frederick and Maria Barbara Siefert […]
  Old Webinar Prices back through 21 February Old prices back (an average of $8–lower than the […]
I’ve received my copy of the Civil War pension file for William Lake who served in […]
The drawback to making discoveries is that one wants to follow up on them immediately. I’m […]
[screen shots in this post were taken on 17 February 2016] Changing the order of things […]
After three decades of looking, I may have the name of the parents of my oft-married […]
When I mention this in certain circles, it is almost as if I have insulted Mom, […]
[opinion alert] Legacy Software had the “World’s Largest Family Tree Chart” at Rootstech in Salt Lake […]
The drawback to being read is that people actually read what you write and they notice […]
On 1 December 1864 in Brunswick, Missouri, seventeen-year-old William Lake volunteered for a one year enlistment. […]
Sometimes when I share news of a family history discovery with someone, they will remark “Isn’t […]
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