courthouseRegistrations being accepted until 9:30 am central on 12 March.

The first full week of March is Spring Break here and we’ve decided to take advantage of the opportunity and roll out a series of webinar presentations. All attendance is done virtually–you just have to be at your computer. Those who cannot attend live will receive complimentary copies of the presentation. Handout included. Join us!


Tips and Tricks for Using FamilySearch

12 March 2016—11:00 am central time

FamilySearch has thousands of online databases that genealogists can use. Some have images and some do not. Some are fully indexed and some are not. Sometimes it’s best to search all their databases at once and sometimes it’s best to break your search down into specific regions or databases. After a general search procedure overview, we look at several representative examples from a variety of time periods and locations.

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Genealogical Problem-Solving

12 March 2016—1:30 pm central timeproblem-solving

Solving genealogical problems requires applying some organization and methodology to the search process—not just searching willy-nilly to see what can be found. We will look at an overview of one problem-solving approach (more than just what’s on the illustration) that helps to focus the researcher on any genealogical problem and the various components of that process. Then will we see the process applied to several problems. We’re not guaranteeing to solve all your problems, but to give you ideas to help you direct your search.

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