The ability to merge sources (particularly census) into a tree at is really a nice […]
This is one of the pages from the guardianship of Silas and Laura Barcus from Champaign […]
We’ve changed a few names and details to make the example slightly easier to follow. Henry […]
John Tankersly purchased the horse of Thomas Sledd in the early 1800s in Amherst County, Virginia, […]
It is easy to criticize indexers and transcriptionists for making mistakes. But there are times when […]
An online tree has the name of my ancestor’s wife for a couple who were married […]
All of us have the occasional relative that for one reason or another we have not […]
The reference was in an 1803 affidavit made out in a court case regarding the death […]
We are excited to offer these four webinars over a two-day period of 15/16 August 2020. […]
My great-grandfather’s sister-in-law died in Montana in the 1940s. The Illinois native was born in the […]
Death certificates often look abstract and removed from the real world. Originally just a piece of […]
An 1879 plat book for Greene County, Indiana, includes three different members of the Rampley family […]
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