One flower was all I left because it was all I really needed to leave. Life […]
This is part of one of the online trees for a relative of mine. I’ve eliminated […]
One clue to learning more about your ancestor is determining why he moved from one point […]
It was bad enough that AncestryDNA was algorithmically extrapolating ancestors from their seemingly a·mor·phous “Big Tree” […]
I understand the FAN concept of genealogical research (research the friends, associates, and neighbors of your […]
My little attempt to create a funny response to‘s “Do you come from royal blood?” […]
There was a reason why ThruLines at AncestryDNA gave me Ellosif Lowy as a potential mother […]
Anecdotal evidence that ThruLines at AncestryDNA is still in the beta stage. It suggests that the […]
[reprinted from June of 2003]from the Ancestry Daily News  Michael John Neill – 6/4/2003 Interviewing GrandmaSummer, along […]
I was trained as a mathematician, so on one level the title of this post really […]
I know that I’m supposed to do it. I really do. But, like probably everyone else […]
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany by […]
Compiled military service records should be a lead in to other records and sources–they should not […]
Online searches go better when they are organized. Organized searches increase the chance the the person […]
Noentje Lena Grass had been one of those immigrant ancestors I could never find on a […]
This session focuses on the free aspects of DNA Painter at This is an updated […]
All transcriptions are not created equally. That’s one reason why it’s important to know from where […]
In families where names are repeated repeatedly it can be easy to overlook one of the […]
This was posted 11 years ago. I don’t think we’re any closer today than we were […]
There are several genealogical data vendors who release databases as they are “in progress.” This is […]
The 2 April 1902 will of Barbara Haase of Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois, includes the names […]
Databases and indexes have their limitations. Items can be overlooked. Names can be transcribed incorrectly. Putting […]
It can be difficult sometimes to know exactly what you are looking at. That difficulty can […]
This is the short obituary for Keziah Elliott Holden who died in Adams County, Illinois, in […]
There’s so much about your ancestors that DNA will not tell you. DNA will not tell […]
From several years ago—I’m hoping to make a similar discovery, but not holding my breath. I […]
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