Federal land records can be a valuable source for genealogical information. This presentation discusses searching the […]
In “Do You Need to Match the Edges?” we looked at a homestead claim relinquishment” signed […]
Every so often a document reminds me of the importance of neighbors–even when the family’s origins […]
Digital images of original documents can sometimes be a little confusing when it’s not clear what […]
This image comes from the back of a Federal Land Patent. It was issued based on […]
I made the comment once in a genealogical forum that there were family stories that I […]
Transcriptions like this make me wonder about Ancestry.com. (We’ve discussed this before in “How does Ancestry.com See?“) […]
There’s always something “new” in genealogyland–at least according to the number of times the word “new” […]
I’ve been reviewing some early 19th century tax lists from Bourbon County, Kentucky, which I’ve not […]
Sometimes it can be so easy to forget. I’ve recently gotten new copies of the War […]
Based on many requests, we’ve added this class to our schedule for September-October: AncestryDNA–5 weeks Activities/Content: […]
It can be difficult to decide how to refer to an ancestor. Yet thinking about it […]
Some of are fortunate enough that a significant amount of their genealogy can be traced relatively […]
You’ve found a recently published book that contains a lovely five page write up on your […]
The entry for Habbe Rolfs Habben in the funeral register of the Immanuel Lutheran Church in […]
When sending emails and making posts, think about the subject line or title that you use. […]
Some of the things we “wish we were taught in history class,” we may have actually […]
When Harm Habben was buried “Near Quincy road in Harmony Township,” the “people” were the undertaker. […]
My colleague at work Jake R mentioned what he called the “Social Media model” of citation. […]
When I began my genealogical research in the early 1980s, the number of indexes to records […]
Benjamin Butler and his “children” are one of those situations where immediate entry into a genealogical […]
We’re offering the following giveaways: Two free issues of Casefile Clues 2018 Brick Walls Follow the download […]
I was asked this question at a recent seminar I gave.   The answer I gave […]
The will of Louis DeMoss indicated that it was signed by DeMoss on 17 June 1743 […]
It can be confusing when small political jurisdictions with the same name are contained within the […]
I am thinking out loud here. I’m typing up my ahnentafel chart for presentation on my […]
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