Please try the following: The ancestors you are looking for are currently unavailable. They may be […]
AncestryDNA August 2019 Edition With Michael John Neill In this presentation, we will discuss new and […]
It took me a while to find Lucinda “Fairman” in the 1850 census. I “knew” she […]
A brief biography of Pennsylvania resident Thomas Chaney appears in the 1884 history of Bedford, Somerset, […]
We were finally able to give this presentation on 28 July and have now made the […]
Evidence analysis is all about the perceived reliability of the source and the information it contains. […]
The instructions for these draft cards are probably online somewhere, but I’m not certain they would […]
It is easy to see how this was indexed as “Habbe Wen” on’s also easy to […]
The 1950 United States federal census will be released to the public in April of 2022. […]
Note: I’m beating the dead horse again on color images for those who are new readers to […]
I’ve been reviewing the Civil War pension file for Leander Butler, a veteran from Kansas who […]
There is a reason they refer the compiled military records at the National Archives as “compiled.” […]
There are many relatives for whom I don’t have photographs. John Rampley is one of those […]
As part of an ongoing project, the War of 1812 military pensions are available for free […]
A recurring source of frustration for me are digital images made from pictures with nary any […]
Just because two individuals have the same last name does not mean that they are related. […]
Receipts from estate settlements are also great places to get signatures. This one comes from Hancock […]
I’ve never been a huge fan of migration trails. Of course, how our ancestors got from […]
Loose ends in genealogy research are a dime a dozen. The problem is that sometimes it […]
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