AncestryDNA August 2019 Edition Webinar

AncestryDNA August 2019 Edition

With Michael John Neill

In this presentation, we will discuss new and not-so-new features of AncestryDNA matches, including:

  • Groups
  • Notes
  • ThruLines
  • Starred matches
  • Filters
  • Searches

Our focus will be on practical, straight-forward applications of these features with particular attention paid to problem-solving and documentation of your analytical process.  Also discussed will be the creation of a customized spreadsheet to track your work and to assist in planning your analysis. Our goal is not to confuse you with how complicated we can make things, but to help you actually use the new tools at AncestryDNA to make the most of them.

And to do that—we’ll also discuss the drawbacks and potential pitfalls of approaches that are discussed.

This presentation has already been held. If you registered or pre-ordered and did not receive your download links–email me at This presentation (handout and presentation) can be ordered for immediate download via our secure ordering platform.

Attendees should have a basic understand of autosomal DNA matches.


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