This started out as a post about how one individual record can be wrong, but that’s […]
We are excited to announce three new webinars. Register to reserve your spot. Registrants who cannot […]
My recent post, “Does It Matter If You Remove the Blank Space?” discussed whether or not […]
Due to numerous requests, we are offering a new section of this course. The structure will […]
Reading record descriptions and learning about the records being used is an integral part of the […]
Record clerks can use a variety of abbreviations, annotations, and customized shorthand when creating and maintaining […]
The image accompanying this post is one I plan on using in an upcoming post on […]
The entry for Hinrich Ufckes in the 1778-1790 Ostfriesian fire insurance books on (“East Frisia, […] recently added this wonderful database of fire insurance records in Ostfriesland, Germany (between 1768 and […]
Handwriting and name spelling presents all sorts of problems for the genealogist. The “signature” of Christian […]
I enjoyed giving presentations at the Colorado Chapter of the Palatines to America seminar this past […]
[note: I’ll have an update here if warranted. I’m not holding my breath.] Good genealogy methodology […]
An attendee asked me during a seminar on Illinois land records about recorded copies of leases […]
During a recent presentation on land records, I was asked if the courthouse typically had copies […]
In part I of this series, we saw that Christian Troutfetter’s Thomas County, Kansas, homestead claim […]
To turn a political phrase into a genealogical one, “it’s the sourcing, stupid.” And it really […]
Land records can contain significant genealogical clues. These records can also be confusing for researcher who […]
Genealogists use documents to estimate dates on a regular basis. It is not unusual for a […]
Clues can be anywhere on a document, including an 1893 newspaper notice. Part of the homestead […]
“dirigio” from the Latin, meaning “to direct.” Sometimes I’d like to give some “dirigios” to people […]
I think I’ve seen about every reasonable variant for the last name of Trautvetter that there […]
I generally advise anyone with a relative who lived during the era in which Revolutionary War […]
They are unofficially calling it the “Bureau County ‘Who Do You Think You Are?'” The official […]
Names can create all sorts of problems for the genealogist. The first illustration in this post […]
By popular demand, we’re bringing this course back…. Organizing Genealogical Information: A Short Course With Michael John Neill […]
I’m beginning to think that I do. When writing a recent blog post, I realized that […]
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