Testimony and depositions can be among the most genealogically revealing documents in court records. They certainly […]
I never cease to be amazed by the things I encounter in a newspaper. This item […]
Transcribing documents is often about context. Analysis should not be done in a vacuum.  This image […]
Thought: You can work to preserve your family history materials all you want, but if the […]
I’m making a short trip to the Library of Virginia. Because my time there is short, […]
Winnie’s taking a nap in a sweatshirt my younger daughter mailed to my older daughter. My […]
This presentation discusses approaches and techniques for determining an ancestor’s maiden name and locating “missing” females. […]
Paul Freund died in Davenport, Iowa, on or about 28 June 1863. A 37-year old man […]
By ancestry, I’m one-half Ostfriesen. My maternal forebears all hailed from that small ethnic region in […]
Just because two individuals have the same last name does not mean that they are related. […]
First off, I’m not really convinced that “match” is the right word to use when a […]
I’m thinking that the phrase “genealogy matches” should be replaced with “genealogy possibilities.” The word “matches” […]
Researching Female Ancestors This presentation has already been held–you can order an immediate download below. This […]
There are many clues in this “private act” by the Illinois General Assembly to “restore William […]
I’ve been working on the murder of a slave in Bedford County, Virginia, in the 1810/1811 […]
Searching the trees of matches at AncestryDNA for specific places of birth is a great feature–if […]
Desertion during the American Civil War was not uncommon. Many who deserted went back home for […]
I’ve used a version of this discrepancy chart in several lectures and presentations over the years. […]
We are working on a more detailed analysis of this file for a future post, but […]
We’ve set the dates for my annual trip to the Allen County Public Library in Ft. […]
I’ve never been a huge fan of migration trails. Of course, how our ancestors got from […]
I went through many of my great and great-great-grandparents estate settlements when I was much younger, […]
We’ve announced the details of my annual trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake […]
I suppose I shouldn’t admit to making a mistake, but it’s instructive to do so. The […]
ThruLines at AncestryDNA says that the DNA confirms the sibling relationship among four Kiles. It has […]
I run hot and cold between several theories about who the Focke T. Goldenstein is who […]
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