Webinar: Female Ancestors

Researching Female Ancestors

This presentation has already been held–you can order an immediate download below.

This presentation discusses approaches and techniques for determining an ancestor’s maiden name and locating “missing” females. Geared towards the advanced beginner or intermediate researcher, it focuses on American records and sources before World War I. The content is not specific to any one time period and many of the approaches can be refined for different locations or types of records. Concepts discussed will include:

  • overview of women’s legal rights;
  • property ownership;
  • inheritance;
  • citizenship;
  • and strategies for making the most from what you can find.

If you are stymied on your female ancestors–and half your ancestors are female–this presentation may give you the insight you need.

  • Order a recording of the session for immediate delivery for $19-includes handout.

5 thoughts on “Webinar: Female Ancestors

  1. If we need to watch it later, does it need to be within a specific time frame, or can we watch it whenever we get a chance? I’ll be unavailable for the live webinar and it might take me a while to get to it afterwards.

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