Birth Place Search of DNA Match Trees Not Working at AncestryDNA

Searching the trees of matches at AncestryDNA for specific places of birth is a great feature–if it works.

As of 10 October 2019, this feature appeared to have some functionality issues–translation: it’s not working.

I searched my own matches for Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois. Given my ancestral background, I should get results. It’s where three generations of my Trautvetter family lived and where my great-grandfather was born in 1869. But I got more results than I expected and some made no sense.

Two of the matches had small trees (5 people or less) and I manually searched those trees for a birth place of Tioga for everyone. None of the individuals in the tree had that place of birth. My closest match (a first cousin once removed) has a tree that is private and very, very small. Based upon who that is, I highly doubt he has a relative born in Tioga.

It doesn’t appear that the search functionality of places of birth in the attached trees of DNA matches at AncestryDNA is working. Makes it difficult to use this feature when analyzing things.


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