Waiting on an Incomplete Homestead Claim to Conjecture

I run hot and cold between several theories about who the Focke T. Goldenstein is who started a homestead claim approximately twelve miles from my ancestor Focke Goldenstein during the time when my Focke was proving up his own homestead claim.

And because I’m still gathering evidence, I’m waiting to really formulate a theory on their connection. I certainly am refraining from speculating on what that relationship (if any) might be. It is simply too early to tell as all I know if that Focke completed his claim in the late 1880s and Focke T’s claim was abandoned.

The incomplete claim has been requested and I’m waiting to receive it.

One might be tempted to think they were the same person. This would be a mistake based only on the name and the location. And right now that is all I have for Focke T.–a name and a location where his claim was filed and where the land he attempted to homestead was located. That’s all.

One more review of what is known about Focke Goldenstein (the one who is my ancestor) did not reveal any members of his family with that name who would have been an age to homestead in the 1880s. As mentioned in the original post, Focke had no relatives with the last name of Goldenstein other that descendants of his father.

While waiting to receive the incomplete homestead application, I could search for this Focke T. in other United States records. Even though the name is rare and might not be too difficult to find (aside from Focke and Goldenstein being spelled incorrectly), I’ve decided to wait until I see what is in the incomplete application as that may help direct my search for Focke T.

But I’ll keep my speculation to myself about who he might be until I have more information. That’s not a bad idea as once information gets spread, it can be difficult to unspread. And that incomplete homestead application may force me to rethink my speculation anyway.


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