Our transcription of Joseph Daby’s will continues with the rest of the bequest to his wife. Again, we’re hoping this process enlightens readers. There’s still quite a bit of this will to go.

[transcription continues–starting at red line in image]

And to [—] when Sick or Decayed by age and physic under the Direction of a [—] Physician and [—-] a room in ye house where I now live [–] she shall chose for her Selfe and a Decant Christian Burial when she Shall Dye.

Item I give to my Eldust Daugter Mary Brown five Shilling beside what I Gave her at Marriage and the provision I have made for her Eldest Son In this will

Item I Give to my Daughter Enice Willice twenty

[written above the original word in a different pen apparently to clarify]

pounds [—] Shillings and eight pence beside  [-] I Gave her at Marriage to be paid her by my Executors within a year after my Decease [— if God Spare my life to be Doing for her my Self?]

Item I give to my Daughter Sarah Hains twenty pounds six Shillings and Eight pence [beside?] what I gave her at Marriage to be paid her Likewise within one year after my Deceas by my Executor [hoping for an opportunity to be Doing for them for her with my own hand?]

[end transcription…for now]




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