A Shared DNA & ThruLines Question

ThruLines at AncestryDNA says that the DNA confirms the sibling relationship among four Kiles. It has been awhile since I’ve reviewed the early generations of the Kile family. But this post is not about the paper evidence of the sibling relationship of these four individuals with the last name of Kile.

It’s about the DNA.

JR is the testee and he’s a known descendant of James Kile as shown in the illustration. The ThruLines lists three siblings for James based upon trees and shared DNA with descendants of these siblings:

  • GM–“half 6th cousin” based upon trees at Ancestry.com. Shared 7 cM with testee JR.
  • TO–“4th cousin 1 time removed” based upon trees at Ancestry.com. Shared 12 cM with testee JR.
  • JR–the testee
  • GV–“half 4th cousin two times removed” based upon trees at Ancestry.com. Shared 8 cM with testee JR.

Here’s the question:

If William Kile, Hugh Kile, James Kile, and Matilda Kile were actually all first cousins (sharing paternal grandparents) or second cousins (sharing paternal great-grandparents), would the shared DNA be consistent with that relationship as well?


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