We are working on a more detailed analysis of this file for a future post, but are going ahead and publishing the images we received so that readers have an idea of what could be in a file of this type. At the very least, the records document Goldenstein’s probable residence in the area in which the timber claim was located during part of the decade of the 1880s and that Goldentein was a citizen with a family at the time of his application. This was an incomplete and relinquished claim.

The cover.
Goldenstein’s entry and the legal description of the property.
Goldenstin’s affidavit regarding his eligibility to file a claim and his intentions with the property.
Goldenstein’s “eligibility affidavit” was made out in Gothenburg, Nebraska–and not the land office, so a notary had to authenticate his signature. This was attached to the 30 November 1883 statement.
The receipt for payment of filing of claim.
The duplicate receipt for claim filing. Goldenstein likely retained this copy and it is the one on which he signed his relinquishment.
The relinquishment on the back of Goldenstein’s duplicate copy of the receipt.



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