Paul Freund died in Davenport, Iowa, on or about 28 June 1863. A 37-year old man with that name shows as a draft registrant on the Civil War draft registrations for Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, in a registration that was taken in June and July of 1863. There is no notation that the Paul Freund listed on the draft registration has died.

It is possible there was another Paul Freund in Davenport besides the one who died on 28 June 1863. That Paul Freund’s date of birth is not known precisely, but he was survived by small children at the time of his death. It seems likely that the registrant on the draft registration is the same man who died in June of 1863.

The Freund family has been researched extensively in Scott County, Iowa, and the only other Freund man who has been located living there at the same time as Paul was Peter Freund. Peter and the Paul who died in 1863 were brothers. If the draft registrant is a different Paul, he did not stay in Davenport for long as there are no records for a Paul with an age relatively consistent of being 37 years of age in 1863 other than the one who died in 1863.

There was one Provost Marshall who was taking registrations in the Iowa district where this Paul was located. Those registrations were in several counties–not just Scott. It’s very reasonable the Provost Marshall left to conduct other registrations and was not aware of any registrant deaths.




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