The 1915 Biography of Ephriam Puffer

The brief summary of Ephraim Puffer from the 1915 genealogy of the descendants of George Puffer contains many statements all of which are unsourced.

Just because those statements are unsourced dpuffer-ephraimoes not mean that they are incorrect. Many of these statements do suggest records that should be referenced to determine if the compiler copied and interpreted information correctly and completely. The birth, death, and marriage information for Ephraim most likely comes from vital records, but it is possible that the year of death has been inferred from a probate record for Ephraim. It also appears that church records were also used in this compilation as the dates of joining the church at Sudbury are mentioned.

There appear to be guardianship records for his children. It cannot be inferred simply from this reference the Joseph Darby who is appointed guardian for the Puffer children is the same Joseph Darby who is Mary (Darby) Puffer’s father. Probate records probably exist for Ephraim as well since a relinquishment of dower is mentioned for his widow, Mary.

Most likely the reason for the statement that the family moved to “Stowe before 1750” is the fact daughter Catherine is stated as having been born in Stowe in that year.

It might also be helpful to determine if there is additional information on the 1739 military reference.

Note: In documenting the information the 1915 Puffer genealogy, it was discovered while reading the probate records for Ephraim’s estate that the surname of Mary (Darby) Puffer’s second husband was Brown, not Crown.

That makes a difference and reiterates the point that validating what others have printed is always advised.



2 thoughts on “The 1915 Biography of Ephriam Puffer

  1. Darlene & Larry Bafus says:

    I will make this short, have enjoyed reading the column for two reasons, you resemble a long-time associate and my wife is descended from a Puffer family. Her grand-mother was a Puffer from a family out of Kansas. Came to
    Washington State in 1890’s. we have info back to Kansas/oklahoma and some from Indiana!! Have no info on the family before Civil War times.

    • Thanks for your note. I don’t really have anything on my Puffer family other than from this Ephraim and further back. It is possible that the Puffer genealogy referenced in the post contains information on your family. The book is available for download free.

      Thanks for reading!

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