I can’t decide if I like the Ancestry.com ads for AncestryDNA with Kelly Ripa or not. My DNA results don’t pinpoint my origins with the precision that Ripa’s apparently did–that’s not a big surprise. That doesn’t really bother me either–advertising is what it is and there are ways to avoid Facebook and television advertisements. I didn’t take my DNA test for the ethnicity results–but that’s how Ancestry.com is marketing the test.

On the plus side, the more people who test at AncestryDNAthe higher the chance I get some match that’s a new revelation to me. That’s probably what excites me more about the advertisements than anything else: the hope that in a few months I may have some unexpected and closer matches.

Of course, I’ll probably have to determine by myself who they are and how they connect.

And in all the fun facts about DNA testing at Ancestry.com , it’s rare to see them warn people that they may find close kin they had no idea existed and that there may be a family squabble as a result.

There’s always a chance that someone may use that boot to kick themselves in the rear when they see their test results <grin>.





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    • The hope of new matches is the only thing makes me not get totally irritated with the advertisement. Even if they don’t respond, I can sometimes figure out who they are if they have at least a few names.

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