Money for Land I Cannot Find: Part I


Probate inventories and accountings should always be mined for clues as to other records and research leads. This one for the estate of Thomas Johnson Rampley (the use of James in the image shown is incorrect) in March of 1829 in Coshocton County, Ohio, is no exception.

There’s a notation that the administrator of the estate, James Shores, had received $45 from the sale of real estate. Thomas’ ownership of real estate is something that warrants further research.

When I originally located this probate record nearly thirty years ago, I requested a search of the Coshocton land records for Thomas Rampley. That was how I thought I should search for the land documents.

Nothing was located.

The clerk simply did what they were requested to do.

The land was in Coshocton County–which the probate records don’t state, but which I now know to be true. There’s no guarantee that the real estate had to be in Coshocton County just because the estate was probated there.

We’ll see what actually transpired in a future post. Now that I have more research experience, I know how I should have requested this search.

But that doesn’t answer why the deed of acquisition could not be found. That’s another story.


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