Swedish American Church Records are not on Ancestry.com–yet

It’s apparently in progress, but for now it is just a big tease. There is a link on Ancestry.com‘s “U.S., Evangelical Covenant Church, Swedish American Church Records, 1868-1970” for records of the Swedish American Church. The link has not worked in over a week as of this post. Apparently it is in the pipeline to be completed–I just wish Ancestry.com would wait to make links to things after they have actually been posted.

Current as of 12:24 PM central time–20 April 2018


2 thoughts on “Swedish American Church Records are not on Ancestry.com–yet

  1. Lisa Gorrell says:

    I was able to see records using the browse feature. I selected California, Turlock, and got the Evangelical Free Church. And if I put in Turlock in the any event location in the search box, I got a bunch of records. Apparently it’s working now.

    • The Evangelical records work. It’s the link to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Swedish-American Lutheran ones on the right side of the image that doesn’t.

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