Apparently Conrad Haase had an “original Paper” copy of his naturalization in his hands when he had the Hitchcock County, Nebraska County Clerk create a transcription of that naturalization. The naturalization transcript was used in Haase’s Timber Claim as proof of his citizenship.

Haase’s claim was for 160 acres in Section twenty-six of township 4 North Range 36 west in Hitchcock County, Nebraska. The Haase claim was for the southeast quarter of the section. His claim was approved and a patent was issued.

But what kind of copy is this?

It is a decidedly derivative copy. The original copy of Haase’s naturalization is apparently on file with the Circuit Clerk of Hancock County, Illinois, where Haase was naturalized. The copy Haase on his person was a transcription of that original and apparently was made on the same day he was naturalized in May of 1864.

The image in this post was made from the transcription of Haase’s copy of his naturalization which was made in Nebraska. Unfortunately the image I have, from the completed timber claim file, does not include the back of the transcription made in Nebraska. The back of the document likely indicated when the transcription was made.

So I need to get an image of the back of this page from the completed timber claim file for Haase. But what I have now is a derivative copy. I have no doubt as to its authenticity, but if I cite this document I need to clearly indicate what it is.

Also on the to-do list is to get a copy of Haase’s original naturalization from the office where it was created in Hancock County, Illinois.

And this makes me wonder…”how common was it to have a transcription of your naturalization in the mid-19th century?”

Note: Completed Timber Claim files are at the National Archives.




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