I’m always tentatively excited when I get a new match that appears to fit into my […]
A “reasonably exhaustive search” in the genealogical lexicon means, generally, to look at everything that could […]
In performing a manual search of naturalization records for Hancock County, Illinois, I discovered a large […]
The Library of Virginia Chancery Court records website has added images of court records for Orange […]
We’ve set the dates for our annual trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake […]
We’ve brought back my trip to the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. There […]
The photograph of my Mother pushing a doll in a stroller was taken in the 1940s. […]
The schedule for the Southern California Genealogical Society’s annual Genealogy Jamboree has gone live and registrations […]
I recently rediscovered a letter my grandmother’s niece wrote to her in 1938. A little Google […]
This was a little thought exercise I undertook partially for my own entertainment and partially to […]
It was December of 1799 and the family of Isaac Rucker, Senr., of Amherst County, Virginia, […]
We aren’t always able to get time frames when people die in locations and time periods […]
My “Charts, Organizational Approaches, and Color” webinar was held yesterday and was a hit with our […]
I have at least four copies of this photograph of my Ufkes great-grandparents taken around the […]
We are offering this new session on on 12 February 2022. Learn more on our announcement […]
Memories are often made when we don’t realize it. Sometimes later we realize those are the […]
The pictures are not that unique or special. In fact, digital images of them were made […]
I am big on visualization–when it serves a purpose. I don’t like making charts, graphs, etc. […]
It always pays to read the details. Genealogical discoveries, large and small, are often obtained from […]
What makes for engaging family history? I am certain it’s not a mere rambling of names […]
I’m occasionally reminded when going through my AncestryDNA matches that shared matches are helpful, but that […]
I’ve not read it yet, but this looks interesting–The Birth Certificate: An American History, by Susan […]
The 17 December 1878 statement of Thomas Tredway indicated that Jemima DeMoss and Elisha Meads were […]
My ahnentafel chart (an ancestor table that lists direct-line ancestors) had blanks in it. I don’t […]
I will be presenting this online session on Monday, 1 November at 1 pm eastern time […]
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