A Hint that AncestryDNA Matches Have Changed Their Linked Trees


When things are in flux it can be difficult to keep track of everything. That’s why it may be good to keep track of a few things.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the number of DNA circles I am in at  AncestryDNA went down considerably.  Because the circles are still in their beta stage, it is hard for mere users to know exactly why that happens, but because circle membership is tied to sharing DNA and having the same ancestors in your tree, when someone unconnects their tree from their results you may be removed from the circle.

Or you may not.

But I noticed that my “shared ancestor hints” is down from before. I didn’t keep track of what it was exactly, but I know it was over 70. My DNA circles are down and my shared ancestor hints are down. The two things are connected. Shared ancestor hints are individuals with whom you have a significant amount of shared DNA and a shared ancestor (or more) in the tree connected with those results.

That tree could be set to private. This is not about whether or not the tree is private. This is about whether the tree is tied to the results.

I may start keeping track of the number of “shared ancestor hints” I have. Not because it’s particularly important, but because it may explain the number of circles I’m in.



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