There was some time when I believed that William C. Rhodes (born in 1831 and lived for some time in Macon County, Missouri, where he married Lucretia Matilda Jones) was the son of Levi M. Rhodes. After looking into Levi a little further I became less convinced. This post is not about that research.

It is about whether ThruLines provides any DNA evidence of William’s descent from Levi. ThruLines shows that William is Levi’s son, yet there are no connected DNA matches with the testee that descend from another child of Levi other than William. This does not provide any DNA evidence that William is the child of Levi.

This is in contrast to the ThruLines for William being the father of Clara Ettie Rhodes (grandmother of the testee). That chart indicates that the testee has shared DNA matches through two of Clara’s siblings–confirming the paper evidence with DNA. This chart “ThruLines for William C Rhodes” confirms the paper relationships.

The ThruLines for Levi does not do anything other than repeat information from someone else’s tree. There’s no DNA evidence of that parent-child relationship between Levi and William based on this Thrulines chart. There is DNA evidence of the sibling relationship between George, Gertrude, and Clara Rhodes based on the shared DNA. This does not mean that they are not related–just that this chart provides no evidence of that connection.




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