The 1925 Carthage College yearbook’s reference to Clara Engelhardt indicated that “this year her thoughts wander to Philadelphia.” There’s no mention why the student at the Illinois college was thinking of Pennsylvania.

On the surface, it is difficult to determine just what is causing Clara to think of Philadelphia. Yearbook comments are not always based on reality and “inside jokes” can be difficult to determine a century after the fact. However it’s possible that future studies or a current suitor caused the writer of the comment to make the reference. If Clara “disappears” after the yearbook reference, Philadelphia may be the place to look.

The entry for Mildred Daugherty does not mention her future, but it does mention her past–attendance at Culver-Stockton. There may be additional records on Mildred at this small liberal-arts college on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River.

Yearbooks are more than just pictures and records of high school or college activities. They can provide additional clues about the lives of the individuals mentioned in their pages.




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