Month: August 2015

Born in Cald

  A search of the 1880 census for entries in Colusa County, California, indicated that there were 195 people born in a place called “Cald.” It may be tempting to think that the transcriber is entirely at fault and blame for the error. Not really certain where “Cald” was, I looked at some of the […]


Thanks to those who purchased webinars during my closeout sale. To let people complete missed downloads, etc. the hosting service is still up and if you missed the chance to order you can still do so. Please note: if you ordered presentations and had download issues, please let me know at so that this can be […]

Aunt Emmar in Lincoln, Nebraska’s 1873-1874 Directory

It’s easy to sometimes gravitate to or from certain sources based upon our life and research experience. For me city directories are one of those sources that I don’t immediately think of to utilize in my research. Most of my families were very rural and usually owned just enough real property to warrant an estate […]

Updated Webinar Schedule

Due to a schedule conflict, these have been moved back one week from the original schedule. If you have registered and this is a problem, please email me at View complete details here. Topics: Original, Derivative, Primary, Secondary, Direct and Indirect, Evidence and Proof and More!: Troubles with Terms   US Problem-Solving Outside New […]

Citing a Citizenship Renunciation

Citations are not something I complete when I’m at the Family History Library. I know that I should, but I don’t. However, I have completed enough citations that I know what I need to craft one that is correct (or reasonably correct). Collecting that information is crucial as the research is being done. I looked to Evidence Explained for […]

A Leave Out Option?

They probably will never do it, but an improvement that I would like to see on the search at is a “leave out” option. There are times when I’d like to search most of western Illinois or even most of “downstate” Illinois without including results from the Chicago area. While I realize that this […]