Before I Start Looking for Love

I’m really curious as to the identity of the Mary M. Love to whom my great-grandparents mortgage was assigned by the original lender in 1919. However, before I spend too much online time trying to find her, it might be best to find the remaining documents regarding her actual involvement in the Trautvetter property.

As it stands right now, I only have her name. It is very probable that she lived near the Trautvetters in either Hancock or Adams County, Illinois. I have no other information on her to use when searching. No age, no place of birth, no marital status. Nothing. An additional document regarding the real property the Trautvetters owned may mention her residence, either in the document itself or via the notary’s statement. It may also mention her marital status. It’s doubtful a legal document involving the real estate will mention her age although she would have to be of legal age to execute any legal document. Since those documents will be tied to the property in question I will know they are on the Mary M. Love of interest.

Those records are only offline, so that discovery will have to wait until my next trip to the courthouse in Carthage.

Sometimes it’s best to wait.


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