Citing A Clipping

My citation probably isn’t in the correct form, but I’m thinking I have the essence of what is necessary.

The “Mildred Hooper collection,” is a collection of newspaper clippings made generally from 20th century clippings from the Quincy [Illinois] Herald Whig. The clippings have been microfilmed and are available digitally on FamilySearch. They appear to have been microfilmed with some sort of index card (with a date) along with the clipping as shown in the first image.

For my personal use I decided to crop the images separately and include the name and date as a part of my crude citation. The date appears to be a part of each entry, so I have used it as a part of the citation. If there are clippings for different people with the same name, the date can be used to sort them. The clippings were cropped and the name/date information was included in my citation. The clippings appear to be roughly alphabetical. If someone is using an uindexed version of this collection (perhaps on microfilm), they can still find the clipping that has been cited.

In this case I’m not certain it’s worth my time to go and find the actual newspaper that these items are from. I have no reason to doubt that they are from the newspaper they purport to be and see no reason why their authenticity should be doubted.

Of course if this were a “problem person,” I would followup on these items. But if my goal was to establish when and where Anna died, this should serve my purpose. I should look and see if she and her husband are on FindAGrave, but

obtaining a copy of the death certificate for this sister of my great-great-

grandmother is probably not something I will do. Her parents are well documented in other records and obtaining death certificates for all the siblings in this family is a little beyond my budget.

Sometimes one has to draw the line somewhere.



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