The Death Certificate for Jurgen Albers and a Different Burial Place

The February 1938 death certificate for “Juergan Albers” indicated that he was buried in Nashville’s Woodlawn Cemetery on 26 February–just two days after he died. No mention is made to Nashville’s veteran’s cemetery where he has a military headstone.

The 67-year old Spanish American War veteran was employed as a civil engineer for the Tennessee State Highway department at the time of his death. Albers was living at 2000 Arena Place in Nashville at the time of his death and was survived by his wife Almarine. The death certificate indicated Jurgen died at 8:30 am at 426 6th Avenue North in Nashville but does not indicate what is at that location, but since no hospital is named we can conclude the death did not take place in a hospital. A doctor from the State Department of Public Health indicated that Albers body was viewed after his death and that the cause of death was “unknown.”

No mention is made of Albers’ burial in Nashville’s National Cemetery which is indicated on his interment card.  The interment date in that cemetery is 1942.  What happened in 1942 to cause his body to be moved?

The details of his death on this death certificate are also minimal making it appear that Albers simply dropped dead. There is no indication that there was an inquest into his death. Perhaps he simply dropped dead. An obituary or death notice for him in a Nashville newspaper may spread more light on his death.

It is possible that there are employment records for Albers at the Tennessee State Archives for the time he worked for the Tennessee State Highway Department. The funeral home may still be in existence in some way, shape, or form and may have records. Funeral home records are private business records and funeral homes are under no obligation to share information with genealogists.

And still nothing on Frazier Albers whose name is inscribed on the back of Jurgen’s stone in the Nashville’s National Cemetery.

Stay tuned.



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