Lets You Know if You’ve Already Clipped That Reference

Keeping track of things that have already been located in newspaper search results can be a challenge–particularly if repeated searches of the same newspapers are warranted due to spelling errors, OCR difficulties with hard-to-read text, etc. Sometimes one finds the same thing over and over again. lets users “clip” images that contain items of interest. These clippings can be later be reviewed by the user. It’s a good way to keep track of things that have been located for future use. The clippings are also helpful when conducting new searches of the same materials.  allows me to see if search terms are contained within “clippings” I have already created. They are indicated by outlined boxes in the thumbnail view of the search result newspaper image. I had been using the clippings as a way to “track” things I had found for later download, organization, and use. This is a great way to use the clippings to prevent me from finding the same thing over and over. I’m probably going to start clipping more items for this very reason.

Now if there were just a way to note things I had seen and decided weren’t the person of interest.

But this is at least a start.


One thought on “ Lets You Know if You’ve Already Clipped That Reference

  1. Louise Handon says:

    One thing that I really like about is that you are able to connect the article to your Ancestry tree. It would be great if the other newspaper sites would implement this ability into their websites, especially GenealogyBank. It very time consuming with those that don’t have the ability for the direct connection to download it into my computer documents and then to go to my documents from my tree to connect it.

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